Week 2

Week 2

You are still not pregnant but your body is ready! You are ovulating and if you have been busy *wink wink*, there are plenty of sperm ready to uh…pop the egg or eggs. If not, get busy gurl! This is the fun part. Enjoy it.


Your body is primed and prepped for sex. If you have not been tracking your ovulation, there are a few signs that could indicate that you are in er….heat. The cervical fluid (discharge from your vagina) should be clear white and resembling egg white. Some women experience breast tenderness, bloating and even an increased sex drive. Nature’s way of ensuring that you get pregnant.


Still not happened yet…between the 15 – 20 eggs making up their minds for the trip down the fallopian tubes and the over 100 million sperm making their way up to the egg, a lot could (does) happen.


Ovulation plays a key role in getting pregnant. If you need a little help determing your ovulation, Clearblue is very handy.

Image credit: Menstrupedia

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