Week 3

Week 3

One of your partner’s er…swimmers made it past the barriers and got to your egg. On the outside,there may not be any changes. But, on the inside, the magic is happening. Your baby is being formed as we speak. 


Fertilization has just occured in one of your fallopian tubes. Cells are dividing at the speed of light. Of course, you have the makings of a baby but you most likely won’t test positive yet.


You little one is a blastocyst which is nothing more than this tiny dot at the end of this sentence. But the foundation is being laid for everything he or she would need to be a thriving human.


Be patient. For those who may have been waiting expectantly for this, you might want to rush to get tested. Our advice is to wait a few days more. After you have missed your period is the best time to check,

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