Week 4

Week 4

Hello mama. You have probably discovered that you are pregnant by now. Some women still experience some bleeding even when it has been confirmed that they are pregnant.  It is normal but see your doctor to get the assurance that you are in the all clear.


Some women would have missed their period by now. Others experience light spotting to a somewhat heavy but irregular bleeding. See a doctor if you are concerned. But congratulations to you. Your blastocyst has now implanted in wall of your uterus and an embryo emerges.


Baby has graduated from blastocyst to embryo and the makings of a heart begins to develop. The placenta and umbilical cord also begin to form


Time to commit to living healthier if you haven’t started already. The next few weeks are crucial for your baby’s development. Ditch smoking and alcohol in favour of healthier foods and fruits. Start taking your prenatal vitamins.

Image courtesy: http://www.babycenter.com

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