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For as long as time can tell, Nigerian mothers have had to rely on wisdom passed down to us by our own mothers, sisters, aunts and other older women from the previous generation. We have had to stumble (sometimes literally in a sleep depraved haze) through pregnancy and motherhood. Some of us have been tremendously lucky…some others, not so much.

Statistically, Nigeria is ranked 4th on a list that compares maternal mortality rates across countries.  This means an estimated number 814 women die from child birth related complications in every 100,000 childbirths in the country. This is appalling, we have got to do better.

They say that information is power. This is why #thebabybub was set up; to empower moms and moms-to-be with the right kind of information in the hopes that a life might be saved. And for this purpose , #thebabybub team is committed to fulfilling our pledge;

1. To provide information that is reliable, accurate and relevant

2. To periodically review information on our site and ensure that they remain up to date

As you take this journey, we hope that you would share your experiences with us. Stay happy, laugh heartily and dare to be  courageous.  Stop worrying about being perfect. And when things go downhill  (trust us, sometimes they will), remember to breath. You’ve got this.

*wink wink* 😉

#thebabybub blog team